About Us

 Attic Insulation and Energy Savers, has 5 years working in the business of installation of fiberglass insulation, in addition to installing flex ducts and make weatherization (sealing of vents, air ducts, returns, plenum etc) Our purpose is that your bills of Electricity are low and have a comfortable  home for all kinds of environmental seasons. We have the knowledge necessary to do the work.


Why use blown insulation?

  • Greater longevity for roof and shingles. A well-ventilated roof that includes a suitable layer of blown insulation can create a space conditioning in the attic. This conditioned space reduces the heat stress on the liner which causes Shingles to fail before


  • Decreased energy bills. Insufflation insulation can fill the cracks and cavities of the attic space in a way that the batting cannot. This creates a perfect fit for small air gaps in the roof and eaves of the house, saving a large amount of money by reducing the energy that an air conditioner or oven has to spend to heat or cool the house.


  • Vapor-retardant and moisture barrier. Blown insulation that is properly installed can reduce moisture infiltration. Keeping the R-value keeps the house as warm as possible in the winter and cool in the summer. Adding an attic fan also helps mitigate moisture that can infiltrate a vapor retarder near the insulation.


Attic insulation
Minor duct repair and replacement
Air infiltration
Sealing of the home envelope
Sealing of duct work
Weather stripping on doors
Window air conditioner replacement
Carbon monoxide detector
Smoke detectors